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PRESCHOOL KIDS PLANET would like to welcome you to our aftercare program, A Safe And Nurturing Environment Where Children Can Learn, Grow, And Have Fun! We are proud to have your child as part of our family.Our facility is fully equipped with the best 24hr surveillance system with child monitoring, parents are able to login to view their child's every activity throughout the day

We Offer The Following Programs...

Infants to 5 years old

  • Part-Time or Full Time

  • Mon—Fri, 7am-6pm

  • Free VPK Program

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Aftercare Ages 5-12

  • Free Meals

  • Multicultural Environment

  • School Readiness Programs

  • Spanish, Portugues & English Program

  • Special Field Trips on Teacher Workdays and Holidays

  • Spring, Summer Camp

  • Winter Camp Available

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Our programs defines the principles and practices that lead to the delivery of quality programming for children of elementary school grade levels. The standards provide a framework for the development of a caring, dynamic, stimulating and safe environment for children and youth. Our program based include children and youth who are connected and engaged; parents who feel their children are safe and secure; and families who have a sense of pride and ownership of the program.  recognizes our after school program is unique for us missions and philosophies, serving wide and diverse populations, ethnicities, age ranges, interests, and values. The standards are intended to dictate policy and practice. our program intended to offer a strong quality. 


Our preschool kids planet 2 to 5 Year Old Taekwondo class  

Is a 20 minute class full of fun and dynamics. Our instructor 

provide one on one training and encouragement to those

that learn at a different pace then the others. This class offers a lot of coordination, balance training along with 

the absolute basic skills such as:

  • Discipline 

  • Self control

  • Respecting each other

  • Knowing left from right

  • Walking & sitting stances

  • Front snap kick

  • How to make a fist

  • Basic punch

  • Basic Korean terms & counting  we are going to have volunteers twice a week  encouraging our kids to be healthy.



Your Children’s will love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen as they help whip up these creative recipes. Emphasize healthy eating with a batch of homemade yogurt, easy and irresistible snack logs, or patriotic fruit skewers. Or indulge in some ice cream science, "hamburger" cookies, or chocolate clay that little chefs can use to create imaginative—and delicious!—sculptures.

Cooking introduces

  • Basic math skills, from simple counting to fractions, can be introduced in the kitchen. ... 

  • Cooking promotes literacy. ... 

  • Cooking develops their senses. ... 

  • Cooking boosts confidence. ... 

  • Cooking provides bonding time.

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